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  1. New VisiLogic wont compile Samba program with 26 displays says maxis 24 but previous version compilled without any problem. This dispays number limit is artificial and decrease Samba functionality. Please remove this limitation.
  2. Thanks DanT Is not help unfortunately for remote OS updates. Because new OS eraising all MI and also network parameter's, then PLC system restart with all zero and you cannot connect it due PLC name , IP etc. all zeroes and no possible restore parameters just for reason unable to connection. With previously OS updates was never eraising parameters, I'm using Unictonics PLC ~15Years and first time this issue popped up. If you can physically make updates then is can set up back, but I have many abroad system's and canot update without on site helps what is very inconvenient due most consumers is end users and not PLC geek . Also is looking unprofessional.
  3. Another issue pop up with new operating system! When updating PLC with new OS it erasing all data (initialize - reset) , with previously updated OS was not erasing . Why this happens? How to avoid erasing data with OS updates?
  4. Thank you Ausman for advice on. is different situations can pop up when have hundreds of consumers happy story and bad story. Some consumers use sytem > 7 year and not have problem but some in some countries have always been issues with electricity cut off, also PLC are very sensible to SD card brand , some time it lost SD card, loose capacity, lost formatting etc. Best way will be some amount of NVM build in PLC what can be use way you described.
  5. I mean when cosumer connected PLC using phone APP or another remote access program. PLC firmare is detect remote session and showing confusing message screen instead just block any try go to info mode. If SB 140 will show remote session then can be write zero to SI 50 to block " confusing message screen" and restore value 4 when session finished. SB 36 - also have strange behave can set 1 by program (info screen pop-up) but cannot be creared, only physically need press Esc-
  6. Some values can be set only on site when equipment set up and its not predictable values.
  7. I wish Unitronics use non-volatile flash memory build in to forgot about this problems. Instead babysitting with backup battery's. and get silly questions from consumers.
  8. Some critical parameters I write in power up section and reprogram PLC...
  9. Thank you for guidance kratmel . Of course is an solution, just to fill this "Part of Project" table need 1. program PLC and make justification with equipments - get operating parameters and write its down. 2. Fill "Part of Project" table then program PLC again. Correct?
  10. System bit SB 8 not help because data already lost after week of PLC off. Use dedicated SD card, an artificial solution, additional hardware just to fix failure of PLC . Is like add to you TV disel generators. PC won't boot one morning because the bios battery is dead - But all data safe in CD hard disk! Data Table with the "Part of Project" checked - Please explain where can do this check.
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