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  1. Hi. I need help. How i change the screen start in display HMI? For exemple: The PLC start with the display 3, but i need than start with the display 1. You understand the situation?
  2. My process is a machine of cure UV. I use LDR's for monitor the lamps. Sometimes the user go reset the hour cont for exchange the lamps and maintenance. When the user click in button the " RESET_L1" i need a condition, a confirmation if user have assurance of action, " Yes or not". If "YES", confirm the action. If 'NOT", return the previous page. I will post the program for understand better.
  3. Hi, good morning. I need help about the HMI. How can i insert condition or confirmation when click in a button? The user go choose " Yes or not" for confirmation. Thank you.
  4. My process is a revestiment but the product need is moving. I need use two motors, in a witch far end in oposite directions.
  5. Hi. I need help with of step motor. My machine use two step motors synchronized but in opposite directions. Will i get power two drivers in a HSO? What solution is more easy?
  6. Hi. I connected the commons 0V through two power supplies. It worked. Thank you.
  7. Hi. I have a PLC V350 in my application. This PLC is input PNP 24V. The application have end travel sensors but they don't work using other power supply. Why they work only with power supply from PLC? Is related with power from source? Please, sorry for my english and topic in inappropriate place.
  8. how much time and data will storage in memory whitout power?
  9. Hi. I'm need help for the function storage the date. Is possible to monitor the time when the output is up? My proccess need a logic for to monitor a output but the time can isn't reset when the output is down. I'm monitoring the useful life of lamp. The time need reset when a lamp is replaced. Is possible with V350-J-TR20?
  10. I'm working in PTO function but no success. The Step motor is hot, but is sigular pulse. How to multiply these pulses ? The examples are big help. This is .vlp.file. atualizated. Teste 3 - FUNÇÃO PTO.vlp
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