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  1. Thanks a lot Joe. I appreciate for sending me some suggestions. I always have feeling that some go extra miles to help people. Thanks again.
  2. No relation with Unitronics.I just come to this forum from google search. I thought some experts could share their experience.
  3. I have Micrologix 1400 plc connected to Omron NS10-TV00b-V2 HMI. Micrologix 1400 has two serial ports (RS232/Rs485 isolated and 232c non isolated port). I want to connect second Same HMI(exect Mirror) to the PLC. what hardware will I need? Omron HMI has two DB9 serial portA and Port B. And PLC has 8 pin Mini (RS232/Rs485) and DB9 (232) port. Also both has ethernet ports too. Currently 8pin Mini from PLC connected to one omron HMI Port A.
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