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  1. it happens quite a lot. happens if your program version doesnt match the firmware and software version of your PLC. You have to upgrade your PLCs program to match the version of unilogic you have on your computer. THEN, you have to upgrade the unitronics PLC to the same version. You will have to grab a flashdrive with about 16 GB of memory, copy the firmware files to the flashdrive, (wait for about 20 minutes for that to complete), then plug the flash drive into your Unistream PLC, upgrade PLC from the usb slot. Wait 30-40 minutes for that to complete. Finally, with your laptop or computer connected to your unistream PLC, go to remote update on unilogic. Youll see your PLC pop up on the list of devices you can connect to. go ahead and initiate that followed by a reboot. Youll finally be able to download your program to your plc. Unilogic software version has to match your program version which has to match your PLC firmware version. 1. update unilogic 2. update your program 3. copy firware to usb 4. connect usb to PLC and update plc firmware 5. connect PLC to laptop and run remote update 6. reboot PLC should boot up fine, be discoverable by your laptop, and go online with
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