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  1. Dear colleagues, Regarding this topic, does anybody know how to build the frame or message via TCP to be sent to a 3G or 4G router to send SMS? I understand that this is possible with the "TCP/IP send" function in Visilogic, but if I am not mistaken, the message must contain a specific structure (user, password, destination number, message, etc) which may be different depending on the manufacturer. Having a look at the unitronics router UCR (https://myzone-kza3sadj.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads//2020/06/UCR_User_Manual.pdf) I can't find this structure for the message. Could
  2. Dear colleagues, I'd like to share my first project using Unistream. It consists in a test bench for an important manufacturer of industrial HVAC systems and compressors in a new factory in Spain. When a new compressor is finished in the production line, it has to pass the test bench in order to be suitable for selling. These compressors can reach up to 250 KVA of power in 50 or 60 Hz and there are three independent lines: - The first line is for machines from 200 to 460 volts in 50 and 60 Hz and up to 250 KVA. - The second line is for machines from 12 t
  3. Thank you guys. I thought this was slow even for serial comms. It would not be a problem if the read data would be just to display the values in the HMI, but I need them as Process Value for PIDs, so the tunning is becoming very hard. Thank and have a nice day DaveB
  4. Hi Alex, Thanks a lot. It worked!! I've noticed that the performance of the RS485 network is very slow. I takes around 3 seconds to read all the slaves (5 in total) with 5 Aperiodic Indirect Group Trigger functions. I don't have dropped packets but it is slow no matter the speed of the requests (I made a loop from 1 to 5 and i ask each slave in each step of the loop). I tried it also using periodic function but I had lots of problems with dropped packets. The network becomes saturated. Do you have any sugestion? I have to read 10 holding registers from 3 devices and 1 holding re
  5. Dear colleagues. I hope you are doing fine. I have 5 power meters in a RS485 bus communicating through Modbus RTU with one Unistream which is acting as master. 3 of them are from the same brand and model. They are all ok, connecting and communicating. The registers are 32 bit length (treated as INT32 in the Unilogic). So far everything is good. For the other 2, from different manufacturer, It seems I am receiving the data in a strange way because the data is not coherent. It seems I am receiving the words or bytes inverted. if I use a external Modbus client in my laptot, I
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