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  1. All sorted - ended up being a socket/port issue & I feel a bit silly haha. I also took the time to tidy up the sequencing and make the improvements that you all mentioned. Thanks again, much appreciated. Cheers, Sam
  2. Gents, I really appreciate all of the assistance here. After reading your replies I'm now almost positive my issue is around the socket - I was under the impression I had to use the same socket (3) and that it was a physical address (socket on the v1210) rather than a software address which I now understand. I'll also take your advice and tidy up the sequencing of everything. I shall report back early next week - hopefully with a good result. Many thanks!
  3. Gents, Still having issues with this TCP connection. Ausman I took your advice and removed all of the code besides the TCP connect & I cannot get a connection (see photos) I can ping both the CPU and URB-TCP no problem so I feel like it's something silly like a local port wrong? I know socket 3 functions ok because I can ping it & utilise remote operator on another port, what I'm unsure about is if it's working ok on port 502 & is my URB-TCP module definitely configured for local port #502? I can't see anywhere that can be changed in the URB configuration?
  4. Howdy, I am not changing that socket so shall I just use SB146&SB150 for a socket reconnect rung? I will break it down next week when I have some time & come back if I have further issues. Thanks Ausman.
  5. Hi all, Hoping for some assistance here. I have a new remote IO unit that I'm trying to bring online. The issues I'm having appear to be with the TCP connection, I've attached a sample program of my main routine and modbus. I have green/red flashing light on mod, green on link & solid red on IOS, on first startup I get a few flashes on active. Things to note; - I have remote access setup on the same socket & it still functions ok - I have tried removing that port init with no luck. - I can ping both the CPU & URB IO controller from my PC so no issue with act
  6. Thanks for the info all , I appreciate the responses. I've decided to stick with the 3g modem for these installations as the upfront cost is quite low and as Ausman said the Telstra 3g network will be good for some years to come, I will deal with that issue closer to the date. Cheers, Sam
  7. Hi all, I currently have 2x projects that require sms notification, one is a v1210 controller and the other a Samba. My issues is the unitronics Australian distributor can only supply a 3G modem but that network will be phased out soon so I would like to future proof the installs. Can anyone assist with a known unitronics compatible 4G GSM modem? I was looking at the below; https://www.iot-store.com.au/products/industrial-4g-lte-modem-router-serial-to-cellular-modem-usr-g781?variant=47667023891&currency=AUD&utm_campaign=gs-2018-09-30&utm_source=google&utm_medi
  8. Hi all, Does anyone have a tried/proven method that can create a VPN link to a remote station with a private (mobile 4g) IP address? I am trying to scope a job and investigate if this would be a financially viable solution over SMS notifications. So I'm looking for advice on free VPN solutions and what hardware would support that. Controller is a Samba with ethernet module. Many thanks, Sam
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