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  1. Hello, i'm using V700 and i have a strange bug with screen. So, basically, i have some Variable: Numeric parameters on the screen which i can set with keypad entry, all works fine with it and also I have some buttons on the screen like "Copy" or "Load" or "Save" with confirmation of action, after that i get pop-out message and while that message is shown i turn on SB111 (disable virtual keypad). And sometimes after that action i get pop-out virtual keyboard with one of my parameter for no reason, even when virtual keypad disabled. Sometimes virtual keyboard pop-out even while SB111 is still TRUE, which scares me even more. I was trying to swap this "buggy" parameter with another, but now virtual keyboard with another parameter pops-out for no reason. Sometimes it happens like 3 time in a row after some other action on the screen (pressing "Load"), sometimes it might happen even with external buttons (Start, Stop, Reverse), which i do not use to disable virtual keypad and sometimes i might press buttons like 50 times and get nothing. I was thinking about protective film that adheres too tightly to the screen in a particular place, but not sure about it. Did someone encountered this bug with V700 or maybe another unitronics model? I will try to download video with this bug later today, can't do this now. Thx and sorry for bad english Edit: actually, i have some external button which sets SB111 Edit 2: adding video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PLHBbHfPIqx8DdyujtVMKi35LvEBSyt2/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hello, i'm using 18-E4XB with standart (straight) terminal blocks and i want to switch them to corner terminal blocks Is there any documentation where i can find correct contact pitch so i don't mess up when i buy corner terminal blocks?
  3. Hello vasovas, you can compare SI 37 with some MI on every start wih SB2 If it differs - store your HSC value, reset it and rewrite MI with SI 37 If it same - do nothing Must work fine if you don't get downtime month, but as you mentioned, you might also include SI 38 in condition
  4. Hello I want to add some visualisation to my project, so i have some questions: is that possible to make Variable: Bargraph to change its fill colour when it reaches some value? Or, is that possible with Variable: Meter make ranges (From-To) not as constant values, but as variables? The problem is: i want to show productivity as a Meter and Temperature as a Bargraph, but my productivity is not a constant value, every time i set some productivity as a parameter i want to cut some from my possible maximum and from my possible minimum. Same with temperature, i have temperature as a parameter and i have some working range, so i want just to show, for example, my current temperature and working range +- 5 degrees and if my temperature out of range or close to be out of range - show it with different colour. Or do i need to use some extra pictures like lights to properly show it? Thanks and sorry for bad English
  5. Depends on what you read with a high-speed counter. If this is an encoder that rotates with the engine, in your program you can stop the engine at the same time and write 0 to the encoder variable, but the inertia remains and the variable of the high-speed counter changes by a certain number of units even if you set EndSub right after this event So, probably, if you need 0 in your counter, you need to wait some time after you stop some output, which changes your counter and only after this task store 0 in hsc variable
  6. Hello, did not find similar topics on this forum Is that possible to connect snap I/O module with vision not by direct installing, but with some random 34-pin cable?
  7. Hello, so i tried to organize PWM on my output and put it on my digital input Duty cycle is always constant - 500 (my meander) So, with cycle time 8, i get +25 in my memory integer (50Hz) With cycle time 4 i get +50 in my memory integer (100Hz) When i change cycle time to 3 or less, i start to get errors (+50 all the time) With cycle time 1 I get nothing at all So, i guess, i'll need to buy expansion module with high-speed inputs
  8. Hello, i need to count pulses, when i get the amount of pulses i need - i take some action, reset this counter value and probably, change my target counter, but the frequency with which these pulses are given is different, i mean, 400 pulses/s is maximum and it is not always 400, most part of time this frequency would be less, so i guess, i can handle that and even if i get some error, it won't be critical. Thank you everyone for answers!
  9. Sorry, did not see i double-posted, just had issues with posting answer, refreshed page few times, did not see my reply and decided to post it, but forum decided to post it twice Thanks
  10. Thank you for the answer In manual for E4XB i've read, that responce time for I0-I3 is 10mSec, but for I4-I17 is 2mSec Unfortunately, my inputs I0-I3 are busy with shaft encoders, i have some free inputs, so i decided not to add expansion module only for high-speed input and try to make it the way i described before
  11. Hello I'm using V700 with 18E3/4XB and trying to make impulse counter without using high-speed input The problem is, input frequency is about 400Hz. Input pulse is always meander So, the question is: is that possible to make it with 1.25ms interrupt + immediate read physical input? Just put positive transition contact with increment of some integer I was thinking, that with 400hz/s i have circle time 2.5ms, with duty cycle 50% i react on every impulse. So, frequency 400Hz is my maximum without errors Is that possible to create and organize or am i missing something?
  12. There are SI251 and SI252 which shows previous HMI display number and current HMI display number
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