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  1. Hello all @Flex727 I do manage to ping both addresses (CPU and Panel), I'm just connected right through my laptop's ethernet port using a standard CAT5e cable. Should I use a specific cable for this propose? @Joe Tauser I did manage to use the Action file creator. I have confirmed the IP address of both PLC and HMI ( &, but still can't connect. @Ausman I am connected from my laptop directly to the PLC ethernet port. Does this makes any sense? Thanks
  2. Hello all Thanks for your comments. I'm having a tight schedule week, but I hope I'll have time to try your suggestions tomorrow. I'll report back with my results. Regards, Yaniv
  3. Hello all, I've been trying for some time to connect to this new controller of mine, a Unistream model USC-B3-R20. As I've seen in the help section, the default IP address is: I've changed my adapter's ipv4 settings to the same ones, just the IP to Still getting a red X when trying to communicate with the controller. Would be glad for some help in the matter. Thanks.
  4. Hello all, I'm pretty new to controllers but I have done some research around. I have sensor data, along with real time data that i'd like to store in a data table and transfer it once a day to my PC. The sensor works all the time, so i'd like to store sensor data every 60 seconds inside the table, and one a day (1440 lines) to send it as a .csv file. My local Unitronics supplier suggested my to get USC-B3-T20 for this application. Problem is that the data table stays empty for some reason, information won't push into the table. Please see attached photo of my project and also file. I'd be glad for a direction. Thanks. Project.pdf Stack 5 TVOC Measurement.ulpr
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