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  1. Hi guys, today I installed a V100-17-ET2 in my V430 and tryed to connect to the PLC through ethernet. Unfortunatly it doesnt work. In the Info Mode of the V430 -J-TA24 the card is initialized and a IP is set. Sockets are initialized as well, but it also says "No Link for Ethernet Connection" and "Link Lost, auto recovery off". I tried different cables and PCs, but it seems to be a problem on PLC side. Any Ideas? Thanks! NVM: Took the V100 out and in again and now it works....seems like a loose contact or something.... You can delete/close this topic
  2. Hi guys, I recently asked myself, if theres a possibility to read NFC tags using a SAMBA PLC. Usually NFC readers have a USB interface and need a PC to read the information on a NFC tag. Did anybody ever try to use a SAMBA or other Unitronics PLC instead of a PC to read NFC information? Is there any hardware you can recomment? Best regards
  3. Hi guys, I recently tried DataXport and UniDDE to get some data from my SAMBA PLC to my PC. Both programms work fine, but I would like to automate the data transfer in a more advanced way. For example I have a device that communicates with my PC via NFC and if this device sends my PC certain data, I want so write a certain value to my SAMBA PLC. Therefore wrtiting my own programm for communication with the SAMBA PLC seems more handy to me. So I basicly want to know, if there is any documentation that describes how the DataXport/UniDDE communicate with the SAMBA. I quess theres a ce
  4. Hi guys, I am using a HSC to count pulses of a square wave signal, thats comes to my SAMBA (43 J-T20 ) through I0. Therefore I configured the I0 in HWConfigutatione as HSC and it counts very well. Now I want the HSC counter value to reset , if a vertain event happens. For example if i hit a RESET button on the touchscreen, I want the HSC value to reset to 0. I tried numeric reset and immidiate Reset HSC but both didnt work so far. I think the HSC with Reload is a possibility to use the reload as a reset, but i dont have a fix value when the HSC counter should reset. So this reload
  5. We tried to use the example (V570_Freqeuncy-precise meter.vlp) to get the flow sensors running, but it doesnt work. It looks like the SAMBA pulls our flow sensor signal from 24V to 9V and the 9V are to low to set the logic to "1". (since the data sheet of the samba says 17-28V for logic 1). How can we fix this?
  6. Sry for confusing you, but thats what I wanted to say. If I read the datasheet of the flow sensors right, the sensors sends a square wave signal and for every count, the signal is low (0). We want to read this squre wave signal with our SAMBA and implement a counter in a net, that tracks the counts of the sensor ( by counting the times when the signal is low). We are not sure to which physical input we should connect the signal cable of each sensors, how we should configure the HW settings ( digital input, highspeed input or highspeed counter) and what the net with the counter needs t
  7. Hallo guys, just to bring this topic to and end: We are currently using the above stated hardware to power both pumps. Both pumps can be controlled through PWM right now ( we found the freuqencies by testiing several) and it works quit good. The cable of the oil pump had a broken solder joint...so thats why it didnt work all the time. When we'll change our wiring and give your suggestions a shot, I will return here and let you know! Now we have another problem with flow counters that are installed behind the pumps ( see the attached files). The flow counters send a digita
  8. I am currently testing a little bit and the water pump reacts to the changing of the PWM parameters. If I set the parameter to frequency 500 and duty cycle 500 it works, but it doesn sound good. A lower frequency sounds much better, so i guess the above stated frequencies are way to high. One thing that bothers me is: If i set the frequency to 0, the water pump still runs and for my ears it sounds quite good. So frequency = 0 is like a normal High or Low?
  9. I dont know how it was done exactly, but the speed of the pumps definitly was varied. We use these pumps to create a homogenious mixture of oil and water in a certain percentage, that changes for nearly every use. I will ask our electronic workshop about this "Do not use PWM warning" on the oil pump, but i hope they already knew about it, when they bought the HW and made the wiring...
  10. The SAMBA is powered with the 24V power supply (its shown in the last picture) and both pumps are powered over the SSRs with the 12V power supply (also shown in the last picture). Our electronic workshop told me that i should trigger the SSR with PWM from the SAMBA to power the pumps. The old PLC, that was used for controlling the pumps, had analog outputs and could controll the pump power through this analog outputs without using SSR or PWM. Our SAMBA doesnt have analog outputs, so we needed an alternative to control the pump power. I think with the SSR i now can use PWM to trigger t
  11. Thanks guys, for all of your answers! I try to attach all HW Informations I have (The discriptions of the power supply units and the relays are in german): Jabsco 32605-0394 Washdown Pump.pdf Pumpe Konzentrat UP2-OIL.pdf
  12. Obviously I really mixed the two types of PWM. The HW configuration is shown in the image below: As you can see there we actually have two pumps, but i think if i understand how to controll one of them, i can do the same thing with the second one. Each of the pumps is connected to its own solid state relay. These relays are connected to a power supply unit, that suits the pumps. Also the solid states relays are connected to Output0 and Output1 of the SAMBA. The wiring and choosing of the components was task of our electronics workshop and they told me that i now can trigger the sol
  13. I want to start the oilpump and controll its speed with the pwm signal. At the beginning the oilpump doesnt get any power. at a certain point (e.g. when i press a start button) the pump should get power and start working with a certain speed. I actually didnt know about that powerUp value. Good to now!
  14. Hi, I have a SAMBA 43 J T20 and i want to controll a oilpump. In the hardware configuration I set the Output O PWM parameters and tried to start the output in a net (see image below). But this doesnt work. Do you have an example for me, that shows how it is done correctly? Thanks!
  15. Ah, okay. The ladder is in a subroutine. I thought the buttonclick would call it. So i have to call it in the main routine and the button click is just a condition for the further execution of the net? An why turns MB33 red when its not called?
  16. Hi, in my current project I have a button on my touchscreen. If this button is pressed, MB33 is set and afterwards MB 10 should be set too. But, as you can see in the image below, the execution of the net stops before MB10. Basicly I copied this structure out of this tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RyFPPE3Hdk&feature=youtu.be&t=572 In the tutorial they use the same sequence of contact and coil to turn a "LED" on the touchscreen on and off. Any ideas, why it doesnt work for me?
  17. Hi, I will try to specify my question: -We are using a SM43-J-T20 - There are several parameters ( %, Volume, operator name..) that needs to be entered in the touchpad of the SAMBA. This parameters are stored in the PLC as MB, MF or whatever suits. - all these information need to be send to the PC so another operator can see what is happening with the plc - it would be nice, if the PC could check the information cyclically and on certain events
  18. Hi guys, we have connected our SAMBA to WLAN and can access it now through WLAN with the Visilogic software. Now we want to export data from the Samba through WLAN to a PC. For example when a new User enter his name on the touchpad of the samba, the samba should send this information to the PC. How can we do this? Is there any tutorial on a task like this? Greetings
  19. Hi guys, for our application we need to store some decimal numbers like 0.8. Unfortunatly we can only pick Integers ( MI, XI..) and longs (ML, XL..) in every function block we tried. How can we store doubles? Thank you very much!
  20. Hello everybody, in our project we want to connect our PLC ( SM43-J-T20 ) to the internet trough wlan connection. Do you have any suggestions on how to implement this? Do we need to buy and add the ethernet port and connect the PLC through ethernet to a wifi access point? Or is it possible to use the RS232 and a Comport to wifi module or something similar? My first idea was to use a mini USB to USB adapter and a common USB-Wifi-Module/Stick. Thanks for your ideas and best regards 😅
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