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  1. Hi, We are using Unilogic version V1.29.111 . While working on the alarm summary screen, we noticed that there is very little space to add the alarm description, which is called as "alarm name". Operators are not happy with this as they are familiar with AB and Siemens HMI which has ample space to add alarm description. Is there any way to widen the alarm name column or add two line in each row under this column
  2. Hi, I have configured numeric entry field in the HMI and I am entering time in minutes. When I change this value by entering it from HMI, it works. But when I pass the value to this tag from the logic, updated value is not displayed on the HMI. Here is the screenshot of the logic created to pass the default value to the time setpoint. Please help.
  3. We are using latest version of the Unilogic1_28_34 . We are trying to configure PLC USC-P-B10 in this software. However we could not find it in the hardware catalog of the software hence we could not add it. Please let us know whether we have download any stuff to add this PLC to the Unilogic hardware catalog or we have use to use any specific version of the Unilogic_
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