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  1. I tried a few things, including using a different ethernet cable and finally I figured it out. It's a little embarrassing but I plugged the PLC into the WAN port on my router by mistake. Sorry for wasting your time and thanks for your help
  2. Ok, so to clarify - I don't need to connect to VisiLogic, I'm fine with using a programming cable for now (unless I'm missing something obvious about this feature). My use case - I need to retrieve some files from an FTP server and print labels on a network attached printer. To do that I assume that the TCP_RAW mode is needed (since "MODBUS over TCP" doesn't sound like something I want). I admit that I'm very new to PLC programming, but I'm far from a newbie when it comes to programming in general. I want to start with the printer, since it's super simple - I have an IP of the printe
  3. Hello, I would be grateful for some help with configuring the TCP/IP connection of the V130 controller. I have the V100-17-ET2 ethernet card in it and I did some initial attempts. So far I can see in the system bits that: SB 141 - card exists = 1 SB 142 - card initialized = 1 SB 143 - socket 0 initialized = 1 (that's the one I'm trying to use) SB 151 - ethernet status: link = 1 SB 153 - ethernet status: rate, 100 mbps = 1 For now I'm testing this right next to my PC, plugged to my home router and I'm trying to get anything to work. Right off the bat I see
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