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  1. I have posted today enquiry where i m searching for well trained experienced guy who can help with some issues 1- somz conflicting functions in logic 2- building data sampler, csv files, analytics 3- helping in most effective secured way to allow my potential customers access plc data from Internet We are based in Singapore and working in renewable energy business. I have much more info to share after i see some one has interest to take up this job. Pls contact me Ihab@powerpotentials.com
  2. I m not here most of time.. Can u email me to dicuss Ihab@powerpotentials.com
  3. I have unistream and facing challenges to test the logic and it is troublesome accessing plc thru vcn.. I need to activate web solution to open access to public outside plc Private network. Let me know guys if any one i hire fit this task
  4. Hi flex.. How i can contact you.. I have unistream plc and need some programming work
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