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  1. Hello, I'm using a V570-57-T20B-J with V200-18-E1B, I'm trying to turn on/off an LED (Binary Image) on my HMI with the use of a relay output. I have powered my unit; +V: 24V 0V: 0V, and the relay output shown in the image below. I have also written a logic and linked in my HMI as shown below: With the connections, the LED does not change to RED. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Problem solved, thanks everyone. Changed USB cable, did a Factory boot in Working Mode, went to info mode and switched PLC to Stop mode and hence updated the OS and not it works fine! Also to mention, previous program was protected by a password which I had to find out. Thanks everyone again
  3. Hi Joe, just tried with the file you have attached, it gave the error in the first picture. I am able to get the OPLC information for a while only when I unplug and replug the power, and after a minute or two, it gives the communication driver error. Second picture is when it detects it in the OPLC information.
  4. HMI is displaying the old program from previous project, but at one point when I was able to get Comms connection good, HMI was displaying Unitronics Logo.
  5. I tried 115,200 baud rate and for time out 1 sec and 4 sec. Did not receive any OPLC Info. Could the USB that I'm using be a possible issue with the communication?
  6. Hi Simon, Thank you for your response. Comms connection was alright (I got the model, hardware rev and OS version), but now that I try again I get this error:
  7. Thank you for the response Flex727, So I have powered up my HMI, connected a mini-USB to my computer and opened VisiLogic with one of the examples and would like to upload into my HMI. In Visilogic: connection > communication & OS > USB Installation > "Install USB driver" , showing the below
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm a beginner to the Unitronics PLCs and I currently have V570-57-T20B-J with V200-18-E1B. I have got a used one, and when powering it on, it displays old programs therefore I would like to: 1- Erase old programs to start fresh and, 2- Would appreciate with any help to get me started with linking and communicating the PLC with Visilogic. I assume the miniUSB port is only for the sake of reprogramming and not initialising the PLC with new IP address, what would be used to set an IP? Any help would be much appreciated!
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