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  1. So if i get the V130-J-T2 and the EXF-RC15 i could have 6 HSC with interupts? Or is there a performance limit that would be reached trying to do that? Would interupts interupt each other?
  2. I am trying to use an Interrupt HSC with a V130-33-B1 and a Ex-D16A3-TO16. when I try to upload the project to the PLC I get a message saying that Interrupt HSC is not compatible with my hardware configuration. I have looked all over documentation to find out if this is true or if i have something else configured incorrect, but have come up blank. Can anyone confirm that HSC on an expansion is not compatible with the interrupt? I know that immediate routines are not compatable with the V130-33-B1 but there is nothing about the interrupt.
  3. I just bought a V130-33-B1 and a EX-D16A3-TO16 expansion module for a project. I need to set up a HSC Interrupt but the project tells me that the hardware configuration is not supported. there is not documentation anywhere that says HSC interrupts are not supported with the 33-B1 is this true? I know that Immediate elements are not supported on expansion modules. Can anyone confirm or offer a work around?
  4. Thanks Joe. That is great news I think I will be in the range of 50-100 Hz but need 12-24 inputs at that rate. Would using the Unistream have any advantages over the V1040 when controlling the expansion modules? I see the EXF-RC15 is only for the Unistream CAN interface. But for others such as IO-DI8-RO8-L (would prefer to not have to convert to 24v if not necessary) is performance limited by the controller or the expansion module?
  5. Are the high speed inputs really different that the other inputs? or do they just have the logic pre-built for count and rate? If they are different... I understand the HSC can handle up to 5000 pulses per second. What rate can the other inputs handle? Thanks in advance.
  6. OK I found my problem. Everything works just fine now. I got to reading the configuration pamphlet that came with the M-91 and realized all the power jumpers are set to 24 volt. I am using a 12 volt power supply. I am honestly surprised it would turn on and do everything i wanted except read the encoder. now that I have switched the power supply J5 & J6 and Digital inputs J2 to 12 Volt the encoder registers on the counter. Thanks for your help. your questions got me looking to see if i had overlooked something in the original setup.
  7. i know an oscilloscope would be a better indicator but unfortunately i do not have one. If I turn the encoder real slow the multimeter will jump up and down. the I0 and I1 do not change with just the encoder hooked up. I can get I0 to count if i also jumper from the + volts to I0 and I1 and remove the jumpers alternately. The jumpers will not count if the encoder is not connected. I have also tried setting I0 to Counter and get the same results. I have 2 different encoders that I have tried. Dynapar model 2112 5 - 26 V out, 6 pin here is a link to the manufacturer current model. the wire leads are labeled from the manufacturer with +, Common, Sig A, Sig B and Shield so i hooked it up http://www.dynapar.com/Products_and_Solutions/Series_21/22_QUBE_Encoder/ BEI model H20DB-25-SS-100-A-3904R-SCS18-5V-S http://www.beiied.com/PDFs2/H20_Incremental_Encoder.pdf
  8. I have a M-91-2-R1 and I am having trouble with the HSI. I think I have tried every combination of setting to get the MI to count. I currently have the 0,1 input set to High speed Shaft Encoder (X2). When hooked up the encoder will not change the MI. If I just use a jumper wire the MI will change to 1 but when I remove the jumper the value goes back to 0. I believe the encoder to be good, if I use a multimeter the encoder registers mA and volts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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