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Firmware v1.34.192 issues

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Here are some issues I've run into since upgrading to UniLogic v1.34.192.  These issues seem to be intermittent since I am not able to reproduce them.


  • Error in Rung ID ###, Message = "Begin" is missing 
    • I disabled rung 1 in Region 1 of a function and got this error.  I was able to resolve it by re-enabling the rung and compiling again.  I tried to reproduce the error and was unable to get the compilation error.
    • image.thumb.png.b4c0ed1054335c5bc53dd51de631542c.png
  • C editor bugs
    • I added a variable to my C function and compiled, this lead to comp errors.  I reviewed the file and it should have compiled, I closed the c function tab in Unilogic and reopened it to see that the code looked to be parsed incorrectly which lead to compilation errors.  I fixed the parsing errors and compiled again to receive more compilation errors for the C function.  I repeated the last few steps several times until deleted all of my code from the c function, saving the project, closing the C function, re-opening the C function, pasting my code back into the function, saving the project and then compiled successfully.
    • I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
  • Project Save-As failed
    • I attempted to save my file to a, known good, 16GB FAT32 USB stick
    • UniLogic saving animation played for ~25% of the normal duration
    • The project was not saved to the USB stick
    • I saved, CTRL+S, the project and closed UniLogic
    • I attempted to reopen the project and lost all of my changes
    • I assume my project was corrupted, somehow


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Hi, thank you for your report.

  • This is the first time I encounter an error of a missing Begin or missing End, and I don't think it's related to 1.34.192. but if you find a recipe for reproducing it, then please share
  • Yes, there are few issues with the C Editor that were already found and the fixes will be released in UniLogic next releases
  • What do you mean that you lost all the changes? You opened the project and it was just like before you've saved it? UniLogic creates a backup before save, so you might be able to restore the lost changes.
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