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  1. If you are talking about showing contacts from tags in the email widget, then it will be released once it will be QAed properly.
  2. Operand description is not stored in the PLC, but in the project
  3. Hi, in the next UniLogic version, Rungs and Regions comments heights could be resized (per comment). Region header text color could be adjusted, and elements from the ladder toolbox could be pinned to the bottom quick access bar.
  4. Here is an example of using Data Table inside a c function. DataTable_C_Code.ulpr
  5. I see in the crash report: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The media family on device 'Drive:\Path\Filename.bak' is incorrectly formed. SQL Server cannot process this media family. I'm not sure what's causing this problem. I need more info
  6. Does it do that with every project or just this one?
  7. OK, please note that the fix was applied to buttons and text elements only. In the future it will also be applied on image elements, tanks, meters, and gauges.
  8. Please check version 1.30 when released. There is a fix for this issue, so update us after you check it with the new version.
  9. It is working fine here. Does it happen to other images, not from the UniPics folder? Does it happen with all the images from the UniPics folder?
  10. It is actually modifying something in the file when it sees that the last open path of the project does not match the current one.
  11. I'm seeing the correct min and max on the trend. I'm forwarding this to the Panel Team leader.
  12. Isn't the favorites in VisiLogic behave the same? Maybe an enhancement would be having 2 tabs in the favorites dialog: Global favorites and Project favorites, where the last one is loaded from the project.
  13. Yes, it is by design. Locking screen just there to prevent you from accidentally moving an element, and does not prevent paste or delete (it is not meant for preventing changes to the screen). When you select an element and press the arrow keys, you usually want to move the element (using the keyboard is more for moving the element 1 or few pixels to a specific location, since it is more accurate / allows moving by only 1 pixel and only 1 direction). The Lock of specific element was added later (in version 1.18) along with the improved HMI (speed, memory and features), which later allowed adding the Layers support (I think version 1.19)
  14. Can you save-as the project, then delete all ladder code, and all other HMI Screens (and all the things that are irrelevant), and leave only the Data Sampler? Then you could share the project because it does not contain anything secret.
  15. The favorites are part of the computer (not specific to a project), so if you open a different project, then you have the same PLCs appear in your favorites.
  16. Click on an empty area of the screen, or if an element is selected press Escape once or twice so no element will be selected. Now when you see the screen properties in the property grid, look for "Lock Screen". If it's checked then uncheck it,
  17. Can I have the project for testing? Which version of UniLogic you are using?
  18. Are the elements or screen locked by any chance? I see in the version changes that UniLogic 1.18 already contained the Improved HMI Editor. However, the Lock Elements feature was not working, an it was fixed in later versions, so maybe you've locked some elements or screen before upgrading UniLogic, and now the lock actually works.
  19. A data Table is an array of structs in that matter. The only way, currently, to work with a Data Table that is passed to a function is the function is a C function, and then work with pointers in order to read and write data from that table. It is not a nice code, and I know someone from another department in our company that did that. And there is also a limitation. The C function knows the type of the struct that is used in the data table. It is not like you can define a generic function that can work with any data table structure.... It just let you pass the Data Table as a reference (so if you have 2 tables of the same struct, then you can pass a different table each time).
  20. This is actually being done differently. Since version 1.25, there is a Ladder Element called Load Config - .ini from SD It allows creating an INI file with multiple settings, which let you config email accounts, FTP Client and server, IP Settings of the Panel, etc. Then the config stored in the SD, and loaded to PLC. This is done in order to allow changing a lot of settings in one shot, allow configuring PLCs 1 after the other by placing the SD card in them and loading the file (or storing the ini file in the SD by any other mean, like FTP), and then loading it, and it is also suitable for PLCs without Panel (Like the USC models). From help file (LF: SD File Functions) File Syntax Example Note that file begins with version 100. [Version=100] [EMAIL_ACCOUNTS:Account1] UserName=fyodordostoyevsky [EMAIL_ACCOUNTS:Account1] OutgoingServerSettings=fedya.man.dd:1 [FTP_CLIENT:FTP Client1] UserName=PrinceMyshkin [FTP_CLIENT:FTP Client1] Password=lee1987WWWnEW1 [FTP_CLIENT:dimanewclient] Password=lee1987WWW [FTP_CLIENT:dimarnewclient] Port=1212 [FTP_CLIENT:dimanewclient] RemoteIp= [FTP_SERVER:FTP Server1] Password=fF1s3New1 [FTP_SERVER:FTP Server1] Port=23 Function Editable Parameters Email Accounts User Name, Password, Outgoing Server Settings, From FTP Client User Name, Password, Port, Remote IP FTP Server User Name, Password, Port, Read Only FTP RAM Server User Name, Password, Port Network Panel IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway COM Modbus Baud Rate, Data Bit, Parity Bit, Stop Bit Legal values: BaudRate values: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 DataBit values:8/7/6/5 ParityBit values: N,E,O StopBit values: 1,2
  21. That's doesn't sound right. What exactly happens? (It says that you need a newer Visilogic version in order to open the project?)
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