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Unilogic configurable FTP server / Client from HMI

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 Hi all,

I have built out a program for a machine that is operated locally by the customer but has the ability to connect to the network over the panel ethernet. Currently the panel ethernet is used mainly for porting data and machine logs from the PLC to a customer hosted server (some customers have a locally hosted FTP that they can connect to).  I am programming a US7-B5-TA30.

The customer would like to have the ability to choose (on the HMI) between an FTP server hosted on the PLC and an FTP client where it is hosted on the customer side. My thought was to create both instances on the PLC and have the customer simply choose which to use. I think this will work for the case where it is a set and forget situation.

Of coure, the customer would like to change the password on a regular basis and it is possible that the IP address / port might change as well. I see that there is a way to change the panel IP settings via a numeric elements box which I can drag onto a screen (or allow the customer to use Uni-Apps to make this change with adequate credentials). What I don’t see, is a way to change the passwords for the FTP server. Same for the FTP client, I don’t see a way that I could manage user names and other settings. There is a Password Box but I cant link it to say the FTP server/ client. Is there some other way to do this, is it possible at all? As an alternative, the customer would be OK with pushing these changes remotely but again, I don’t know how to set this up.

Does anyone have experience with this or have an idea how to implement something like this?  

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Thanks @Gabriel Franco, definitely an interesting approach and Im sure I will have trouble convincing some customers to store PWs in cleartext. It does give me another option though. That being said, I wonder if there is a way that one could create that .ini file on the PLC itself but I guess thats asking too much and then it really is more of a workaround.

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