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NoVNC Cursor


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I am trying to build a wide remote control for my unitronics (especially Unistream) projects. The solution is based on Teltonica routers and Wireguard. Everything works more or less fine but the only issue is when I am using noVNC web client, the mouse cursor disappears.

You can kindly test it here https://plc.ipraqua.cz:6080/vnc.html?autoconnect=true&path=?token=test

I know there was the same issue on old versions of UniCloud and further found it is a problem on server side (thus in this case on the PLC).

Does anybody know any solution?

PS: I am not using unicloud as this solution is too expensive and not so functional (like on one application I have a combination of Vision V350 and Unistream B7 and using wireguard I can connect even to Vision and even modify user program)





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