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Sending email with attachements

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I am trying to send an email with attachements (1 data table and 4 samplers). All as zipped csv. But always get an -4 (attach file) error.

Note that if I erase all the attachements the email is send in a proper way, so SMTP configuration etc. is ok. 

I also tried to delete all the samplers and leave just Data Table and vice versa, but the error still persists. 

Attaching the window with attachement configuration.

Using Unilogic 1.35.227

Does anybody know some link to some manual how to configure email? There is not much information in the help file and also the video tutorial is poor (the guy just says "you attach the attachement this way".

Because there is a column folder, which is read only in the case of data table, but editable in the case of Sampler. Is that a folder with samplers? And how to address it? Fullpath like x:/Samples/FIC1Data or just FIC1Data?

the column filename is filename of the attachement I suppose, so any. Or has to be the exact same filename where the data table is stored in PLC? But this would be weird as you are not obliged to save DT to a file?

So any detailed manual to this Unistream function is greatly appreciated. 








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