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V130-33-TR20 Pump Control

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As just beginner I 'd like to get program example how to manage pump control which uses my fine working (4-20 mA) linearization block. Assuming next step would be compare it to certain values which should be able to change by up/down arrows..

So I could keep vessel level between adjustable minimum / maximum by the pump. Any links to examples?

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Hi julle,

I recommend you start from Examples of Visilogic.

Shortest way to open Examples is to go to "Help->Examples...) menu option.

Then go to "Version 900->Project examples" directory.

"V280_ON_off_control_with_hysteresis_and_high_and_low_alarms.vlp" project was written for heating control with hysteresis.

This project will be adopted to control Pump.

"V120_Variable_enter_control.vlp" project is a simple example fo Variable entry control.

I hope this answers your questions.

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