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Hello all

I manage a recipe as a 30 MI vector (temporary buffered on PLCs main memory), and need to back it up on SD card. I must be able to:

1. Write what is stored in the PLC buffer to SD using an index.

2. Restore an indexed 30 MIs block from SD card to the buffer in PLC main memory.

Some time ago, I worked the same way but with Data Tables. The problem is I need a lot of memory to store a lot of recipes, so want to use SD.

Perhaps if I can use some function like "DataTables Write Row" or "...Read Row", but directly on the SD. I don´t know how to do this the best way, if possible.

I´m working with V130.

Thank you.

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Hi bender,

I recommend you to start from Data Tables Webinar:


Please note, you can exchange data between SD card and Data Table at OPLC:

-Use Data Table functions;

-Use SD Data Table functions;

-Note that the main DT folder and subfolders DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4 can each contain 64 files, for a total of 320 .udt files.

This way you can handle up to 320 files on SD card.

You can then read information from SD files to OPLC memory.

You can use also SD function Block Read/Write , but it seems a little more complicated.

Answer may be more specific if you provide more information about your project requirements.

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