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RPM with proximity switch.

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How can we measure RPM with proximity switch.

Low speed. Approximately 190 - 200rpm.

if I make the choice of ([HSC 1: Frequency Measurement (1000)]) and polaplasiaso with 60 to give me the RPM. Because there are few pulses per second you see 180 or 240 when I know it is around 200 RPM

What is the solution to this problem !!!!!!

My Model is JZ10-11-R10


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This is a fundamental methematical relationship, so there are two ways out as far as I see it:

1. Increase the number of targets on the shaft that generate pulses. This best if you need to track fast changes in speed.

2. Increase the time interval for generating the frequency. This is going to give you a slower update rate. You could try averaging 10 or 20 of the values that the current configuration gives you, which are determined over a period of 1 second. Alternatively you could use the raw counter value and a timer in ladder to measure say 10 seconds and see how much the count has increased over that time.

I hope this helps.

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