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  1. Simple Tank Monitor.ulpr Hi Gary, try the attached. The setup is quite simple, this one allows you to enter the level range from the front screen of the HMI, rather than hardcoding it into the logic of the PLC. Hope it helps, Simon
  2. OK, I understand. I think it is this section of the user manual: (p 110 of V1.B Oct 2020
  3. Hi, I don't know for sure, but the EXA1 and EXA2X have always been interchangeable on all the other Vision PLCs. I haven't tested one with a V700. I guess there is also the commercial argument that if you are doing an upgrade, can you include a new EX-A2X in the costing, so you are eliminating obsolete parts from the system? Just a thought, Simon
  4. Hi @VFU1076 I haven't done it but have discussed it with a customer. The following youtube video explains the process well. Just note that the video shows the connection using ethernet to the V570, and at that step you would set up the serial parameters instead. YouTube – router setup for Vision controller to UniCloud Connect Vision-Samba - Using Unitronics Router - YouTube Hope this helps, Simon
  5. Hi Cveko, I guess the golden question is, does it still work after you put the power supply back correctly? Do you have any "known good" examples you can test with? Was the CAN working before this mishap? Also, I presume from the title of the post, you are referring to the -V and +V on the CAN interface on the V1210, not the main power supply. I have spend a bit of time messing with Unitronics CAN. I don't recall destroying any, and I probably crossed wires at least once somewhere along the way. Hope this helps,
  6. Hi, It all depends on the reasons why you need to use a 4-wire sensor. Often a 4-wire sensor is used so that it can have a signal common that is galvanically isolated from the power supply common. Is that a requirement for you? Note also that the URA0800O does not have galvanic isolation between the input commons and the 0V supply common. If you don't need isolation, you can use the above module, as follows: * link all the sensor +24V supply terminals to the main +24V supply * Link all the sensors 0V supply terminals to the main supply 0V * Unless the sensor user manual specifically says not to, link all the sensor signal grounds to 0V common. If possible do this at the sensor rather than at the PLC, to avoid earth loops. * connect the sensor signal outputs to the input channels of the URA-0800O Note also that the URA0400O has 4 inputs and 4 commons, which gives you a convenient terminating point for the signal ground wire. If you know that you need isolation, or if the sensors are on very long cable runs and/or a noisy electrical environment, then i would suggest using signal isolators in the same cabinet as the URA0800O units. Hope this helps.
  7. I've also experienced it in relation to the communications stability. It seems the images download puts high demand on the communications and is a common point where it fails. If the above suggestions don't work, try reducing the baud rate to 57,600. Maybe also try using a different USB port on the computer. If you are using a USB hub, take it out and plug the PLC cable directly into the computer port. Make sure the USB cable isn't laying across your power supply. If you have another computer available, try that one.
  8. Thanks Aus, that makes sense. In my case the Unicloud dashboard displays fine on my phone and I don't have that option. However I have used it for other sites. Simon
  9. This is a topic of interest to me. I had a look in the Unicloud configuration and can't see the option you refer to. Do you mind posting a screenshot? Thanks,
  10. Lockdown machine? Poor social distancing at the end though 😁
  11. I've used Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Each have their quirks and I don't put either forwards as the "Best". They were easy enough to work with and the resulting video was in a standard, open format. Features are always going to be relative to how much you spend. For zoom I used the free version, and Teams is part of the corporate software suite provided by my employer. If you are looking to pay for a solution, do some testing with the free trial versions that are available. I guess it's like looking for the best pair of jeans, it's the ones the fit and look the way you want them to, and don't cost more than you think is reasonable. Hope that's helpful...
  12. Thanks Aus 🙂 i think I'm getting more done during lockdown, in some areas at least.
  13. Hi Khom, It looks like you are treating th e relay output as if it were an input. Try linking I0 (Input Zero) to the contact, and wire the inputs on the module accordingly. I 0 MB 24 ---| |------( )-
  14. I'd turn attention to the message format. You have a message length of 20 characters in the protocol scan, but the message is only 3 characters, including the CR (0D hex). Reduce your message template to 3 characters and you should see something better. In terms of decoding, you have at least 3 options: 1. Read the raw message then use logic to pull out the 2nd character as the data. As Aus suggests, you can use the "P" and "R" messages as a redundancy measure. Set the steam variable to put one character per integer. that way the second integer in the vector will hold the ascii value of the key that was pressed. 2. Create a variation of the template where the first and last characters are fixed text, and the centre character is linked to an MI. You would need two templates, one for the "P" messages and one for the "R" messages. 3. Do the "brute force" method and create 24 individual messages and use the "Index of received message" to tell you which key was pressed or released. Example below for the digits 0...3
  15. What is showing on the screen of the HMI? I suggest you contact your local distributor, and Unitronics support.
  16. Try unplug/re-plug the USB. Also try cycling power to the PLC. Just while you are working with getting started, i would also try any example that is already written for the 570. I see you have a V120 example opened.
  17. Try setting the baud rate to 115,200. That is the default value for the V570.
  18. Have you tested comms after installing the driver? I know those windows messages look concerning, but I'd just check and see if it's working. Also try unplug/re-plug the USB and/or a restart of the PC To check the comms: Go back to the Connection -> Communication and OS dialog. Select COM3, click Get OPLC Information
  19. Hi Tim, Good to have Unitronics confirm that. I suspected it was the case but have never tried it. Simon
  20. Hi Tim, Good to have Unitronics confirm that. I suspected it was the case but have never tried it. Simon
  21. No worries, your post came before Tim posted about the masters both being PC-based.
  22. I would definitely try a test setup with two ModbusTCP masters polling the single UniStream slave. As I said it may just work exactly the way the V230 has been working. If you don't have the actual masters, then test with a PC based emulator. I took a quick look and see what you mean about setting up two Modbus configs and two Scan EX blocks in Visilogic. Easy to do. If you used UniCAN you would need CAN modules on all PLCs. But you say you are using a windows PC as the master, so I don't think CAN is the right option. It's frustrating that a newer version doesn't do what the old one did. If you want to push it further with Unitronics, then yes I would open a support ticket. Hope this helps, Simon
  23. Hi Tim, Unilogic doesn't support 2 slaves on the same protocol. Since it's ethernet you may find that the two masters can connect and each poll the same slave without issue, this would depend on how rapidly the masters were each polling the slave. This would definitely be a problem on RS485, but Ethernet can handle some level of simultaneous requests. I suspect if both masters made a poll request at the same time, one of them would be buffered until the other one was answered, then the buffered request would be answered. I understand if you want a more tightly engineered solution, and for that you would need to add something external like the Moxa Mgate product that can allow multiple masters to access a single slave.
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