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Hallo, I need help.

I want to use encoder (A, B) x4 and that the value displayed. How do I set the inputs and what the program to get this information. If used only HSC is all ok, and I see data it can operate. However, since the encoder is a small resolution, I want to raise, but I fail.

Can anyone provide an example?

I use Vision 130

Thank you

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In VisiLogic (programming software - free download from www.unitronics com > Support page > Downloads), you need to select Hardware configuration (View menu, of relative icon in Ladder editor, or from Project window (the left one).

In hardware configuration you need to select first the model, then, when you click on the picture of the controller itself, you need to go to High Speed counter (HSC).

In HSC window, for the relevant HSC (for example I0,1; or I2,3, where you need ot connect your encoder A & B signals to relevant digital inputs, let's say 0 & 1), on drop down menu, you select Shaft encoder x 4. There you need ot link register (recommended ML), which will hold number of pulses. HSC will count count Up or Down according to encoder's direction.

On selected register you will receive 4 counts for each encoder's pulse - positive and negative edges of A & B signals). If your encoder gives100 pules/revolution, you will receive 400 counts on each turn. This way you will increase x 4 the resoluiton of the encoder.

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It seems something is wrong with he connection.

Are you sure you connected A & B signals to the right inputs of HSC 0 & 1 or 2 & 3?

Are you sure the inputs are set the right way for your encoder (PNP/NPN)?

Are you sure encoder gives proper signals? Usually the problem you define comes as result of missing one fo the signals - a or B.

My advice:

- set temporary HSC to High Speed Counter only.

- Connect only signal A to the first input, dedicated to te counter. Check if it's counting properly (always in up direction);

- Follow the same procedure with signal B.

After receiving good signals both from A & B, try to connect them together and set the counter as Shaft encoder.

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