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  1. Instead timer, maybe you can try ot set a little hysteresis. Please check the example ON-off control in VisiLogic. I'll divide the conditions to start and stop the fan for both temperature and humidity setpoints and they both will operate bits. Then will OR these bits to activate the real output. This seems to me easy for edit and debug.
  2. Hi to all! M91, as it is, cannot be connected direct ot Ethernet. The same is for V120. You can try ot use any serial to Ethernet converter, but my feeling is thhat it will be more expensive than the PLC itself. Important note - now Jazz 2 has Ethernet adds-on module MJ20-ET1. With it, you can "see" the controller via U90Ladder and other Unitronics software tools or to communicate Modbus IP.
  3. UniCAN can transfer 32bit at one package. In this matter you're right. But there is no problem to send thhe data in several packages. It will be slower, but if you transfer analog values, which don't change so fast, it will be more than good enough.
  4. Two notes: 1. "Limitation" CANNOT be metioned in any documentation, as it depends on many factors. This number comes from limitation in communication between PLC and EX-A2X. As Yair stated in his post above, in bottom line of Hardware configuraiton window (VisiLogic) there is a "calculator" of communication load. Any one can check before starting to build his project. 2. In fact, there is no such limitation! You can add Remote adapters EX-RC1. To each adaprer you can connect, let's say 6 x IO-ATC8 = 48 universal 14 bit AI. You can connect up to 60 x EX-RC1 to one PLC. This means - 60 x 48 (via RC1) + 48 (on A2X). In my calculator the number is 2928. You can add another few analog I/O on board or Snap In module, but this will not change the final situaiton drastically. BTW - having 6 x ATC8/AI8 ot each adapter, you can still add up to 2 more I/O modules with digital I/O...
  5. SB80 is like a switch to perform the calculations. You need to SET it with one scan condition each time you need ot perform the linearization math. Before SET it, you need ot take care to store X value in SI84 and next net after SET SB80 - to store tghe result from SI85 to any MI. If Linearization points X1, X2, Y1 and Y2 are the same for both (or more) Linearizations, you can store relevant values in SI80-83 with Power up condition. If not, you need ot make the "snake" net before each calculation.
  6. Please check the example "Linearization of two inputs" in U90Ladder > Help menu > Sample... > Flow and totalazing...
  7. Copy memory and Struct are different functions. You define the thhings in different way and, according to the definition, you can receive different results. Can you send mail ot support@unitronics.com with some example what exactly you did? In my understanding, Copy Memory needs ot be the simplest way ot acheive your goal. I want to see how you define both modulles and why you get different results.
  8. It's even easy and right ot use Copy memory (VisiLogic > Vectorm menu > Use ofset).
  9. Yes, connecting controller via Ethernet to Cellular router is like connecting it to cable Ethernet. In some cases (depends on routher and network) it's even faster and more stable. Two modems - out of elegancy of this solution, which I'm a little in doubts, I'm not sure if the contfroller can handle such configuration. Again - because of elegancy, we never tried it.
  10. No. On GPRS you have only one communication channel. Theoretically, you can switch between Modbus and PCOM once established GPRS connection. But this means that you will have only part time connection between SCADA and PLC and it will be difficult to synchronize between controllers themselfs. Idea - use cellular router instead GPRS modem. It will let you to open 4 communication channels. While one port will be opened for the SCADA, with other ports you can communicate Modbus Master Slave or even better TCP or UDP Raw. If you are interested in such solution, I can give you some more info.
  11. Theoretically yes. But you need ot implement PCOM Master in one of them. You have a very good description of PCOM in our site and I guess you can accomplish the task in 2-3 weeks. Compared with Modbus, where the programming can take 2-3 hours...
  12. Hi, First - Modbus is communication protocol. The question "Which cable to use with Modbus" seems to me like "Which kind of fuel to fill in my horse?" Let's assume Modbus is running on RS485. In this case the question needs to be "Which cable to use for RS485" ... and the answer is: Shielded twisted pair with impedance between 100 and 120 ohms. Some producers offer special cables for RS485, which, of course is the best. Some recommended cables in attachment. RS485 recommended cables.bmp
  13. As you show in the capture, it needs ot work. Please send the application to support@unitronics.com and we will check it here.
  14. Hi Martinas, In FB PWM cycle time is given in ticks of 2.5 ms. There is no theoretical limit for number of ticks and this way - the sycle time. For example - you can srt cycle time 4000 ticks of 2.5 ms, wich means it will be 10 seconds. You can drive any digital output from FB PWM, including relay. I hope thhis answers your quesiton.
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