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in a project I would like to use 2 v1040 in front and in the back of my machine. I want that we see the same thing on the 2 plc. the operator have to go from one to the other to operate the machine. I want to know if there is an application that is all ready done for that or how can I do that. the second v1040 is use like a second hmi only.

Thank you.

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There is no built in application for this function but it can be programmed using communication functions.

The two V1040 will be connected by communication the main panel will transfer all the data to the remote panel and also whenn pressing on buttons on the secondary HMI it will send the requests to the main panel.

The displays will be the same and according to the data the remote panel will show the same as the main.

The communication can be either by Ethernet or CANBUS depending on the distance and area.

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