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  1. Hi, First please note that UniStream is SNMP agent that means the UniStream can send traps to SNMP client. Does your device is SNMP client or agent? You can find in UniLogic help file how to configure and send the traps. If you are still not successful with sending traps please send the application and all details to support@unitronics.com Please note that US5/7-x5 does not support web browser so there is no option to browse to the web page of your device.
  2. Hi, The parse message works as follows: When activating this block the system checks if the buffer structure of data (linked to this block) is match to one of the messages configured in the messages composer. (Messages that is marked as scanned). If it finds one the index tag will contain the index of the message. If it does not find it the index tag will be -1.
  3. hello, you can reset the password from the UniApps --> PLC Properties --> Restore password.
  4. Hi Ofir,

    We have a problem to compile the attached Visilogic software of a project from 2013.

    I have preliminary versions of it, which seem to have the same problem, but software with the same core content doesn't make any troubles.

    Can you analise where the problem is located, I tried, but I don't know how to do it.

    Thanks in advance for your support!

    Kind regards



  5. Hi Adam, Please perform the following: 1. Open UniApps - select access control 2. Configure a password for VNC guest 3. Try to download again the application. This issue was already fixed in latest version.
  6. Hello, In general you are getting this telegram to a large buffer. For example part of the text in this telegram is 1-0:32.7.0(220.1*V) If you wish to extract the voltage (220.1*V): In the buffer you should search for "1-0:32.7.0(" (If this leading text is fixed ) You can put this string in advance in ASCII string - use the Tag to Buffer (under the buffer tools) and then use find in Buffer for this string. Once you found the index you can copy buffer part to buffer with the correct offset and length - Now you have the 220.1 in a buffer. If you wish to have it a a number you can use Buffer to Tag.
  7. Hello, Both for the password box and when using UAC you can select the keypad to be numbers only: Password box: UAC configuration:
  8. Hello, Yes in order to create user authentication for the web server you should add roles and users. Then for each web page you can determine which roles are allowed to view this page.
  9. Hi All, We already have a solution for this case. As you can see we added the eye button option - if you will click on it the keys will not change their color/shade when pressing and the person who connected by VNC will not be able to see your password.
  10. Hello, Please see below link to article in Unitronics support portal: https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/how-to-connect-usl-to-usc-via-vnc
  11. Please follow the steps below: 1.Close VisiLogic or any Unitronics tools. 2.Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Unitronics" 3. Rename "Eth_Favorites.evb" file to "Eth_Favorites.evb.old" 4. Open VisiLogic and enter the favorites again.
  12. Hello, It seems it is required to review the code in order to determine the cause of this issue. Please send a mail to Support@unitronics.com and we will be happy to assist.
  13. Hello, Please make sure that you are using USB to Serial based on "PL23203 USB to Serial/UART Bridge Controller". You'll have to use it to be able communicating between the LoPy and UniStream controller.
  14. Hi, The communication protocol is Unitronics proprietary.
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