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Hi Fernando,

MI is not a Database, it is a Memoty Integer.

There is a backup batery to back up memory content, which include many other data types.

As a regular MIs are accessible after power cicle, but some modes of startup/reset will make init for internal memory.

So there is no yes or no. Answer is - it may have previous value and may not.

You need to know exactly what you need to implement, and there are other methods to save memory registers status.

I recommend you to start from some basic things and then go forward.

There is a forum topic which partially answers how to learn PLC.


But I recommend you download VisiLogic from Unitronics web site. It includes free examples and help.

And it is free.

I will recommend you to download next 2 files from Unitronics site and start to read.



There is an e-learning link:


I wish you success.

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