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M90-T1 and SMS

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Does M90 question fit here?

Anyway, I have M90-T1 with Siemens TC35.

Everything has been working fine for a many years now. I have a program running in my summer cabin and its' practically controlling everything (electrics, heating, burglar and fire alarm, etc.)

I have recently added a IO-PT400 box with one PT100 temperature probe. They all work fine. At the same time I have modified the program. It's more simple now. But for some reason some of the SMS messages stopped working. I have done a huge debugging, but somehow some of the messages don't work. Sometimes I get an error in SB180, but most cases it seems, like the message just disappears.

For example: Message

"Apua" does not work (Apua is "help" in finish)

but if I change this very same text to

"APUA" - just the text (nothing else) it starts working.

In ladder there are always reset coil for incoming message contact.

Next - and perhaps biggest problem is temperature setting.

I want to set temperature with SMS message. I want to simply send SMS with text:


So the value 22 should go directly to pre-specified MI.

I have done a line in SMS settings, with receive bit on, acknowledge bit on, string in message is: "TEMP ##" whre ## indicates to a variable, which indicates to temperature MI.

Every time I send this message "TEMP 22" to M90, I have error in SI180: 11 (Illegal string received)

What am I doing wrong here?

The third question is about MI180 error messages. I keep getting errors 10 and 15 and they both are undocumented. Could someone tell me what these are?

And last question: Is there any symbol or character, which act as enter key? This could be very helpfull with receiving SMS messages. Also some special characters would be nice, for example degree mark. Is there any list or table available of these symbols.


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I have done few workarounds and everything works now. But still I'm curious about those errors 10 and 15 in SB180.

Also I'm wondering, is it possible to send more than one SMS message with "Last Received Phone Number" value.

What I'm trying to do is get all available M90 custom commands received via SMS to end user. All commands and syntaxes can not be fit in one SMS, so I split the message in two different messages.

For a clearance:

The idea is, that user sends SMS "HELP" to M90. Then M90 sends back SMS with all programmed commands. Now all these custom SMS commands doesn't fit in one SMS, so I wrote few lines in ladder:

MB1 Help MB2 Send SMS1

--I P I ------------( )--


MB3 Send SMS2

--( )--


MB1 Help


Somehow the last message (MB3 Send SMS2) is never sent.

If I create a new rung and put - for example keypad number 3 button to exectute SMS2. Then it works.

SB43 MB3 Send SMS2

--I P I------------( )--

Is it so, that Last Received Number works only once - with the first message? If not, I can't understant, why the second help message doesn't work.

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  • MVP 2014


Let me answer the things I know

1. When you want to send a variable value as part of the message it needs to be enclosed in the # cahracter. For your example you need to send "TEMP #22#"

2. When you send multiple SMS messages, the system needs some time between each message. Triggering one after the other is likely to result in the problem you see, that the second message is not sent. You could try using SB184 and 185 to hold the second message until the first one is sent, and/or use a timer to create a gap between the messages.

3. It looks like U90 Ladder doesn't support special characters in the standard SMS editor. The simplest solution is to do as you have done, and split the message up.

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Thank You for your answer.

Sending values with SMS message was new thing for me. Never done it before. I didn't know this #-character thing and now I feel a little ashamed about it since this is told in help.... (I just saw it there)

I could try this SB184/185. I just somehow thought that this SMS routine is done in system level, like the hardware/firmware would take care of controlling several messages.

Temperature setting and controlling works now. I can see, there is about 14'C degree, even the setting is only 3'C degree. Spring is taking it's place and sun is shining... :)

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