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Hello, everybody,

Maybe someone had done building management system with BACnet protocol and could share what product used or recommend some (SCADA software, protocol converters for communication with Unitronics and other PLC's, servers etc.) ? We are planning to start new project and some advices from the field could be very usefull. Thank you!

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I have used this product before instead of the ultra expensive Field server equipment.


I have not tried interfacing to a Unitronics but I don't see why you would not be able to.

There is always the fieldserver product option, but last time I used them it was 4 times the money.



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Redlion offers the Data Station Plus Protocol Converter. It has drivers for BACnet and believe it or not Unitronics. It is a really cost effective solution and can do multiple conversions. It has Ethernet, Serial, and USB on the base unit plus an expansion slot for Canbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, GSM/GPRS Modem, and additional Ethernet or serial comms. The software is free.

Here is the link to the hardware

Data Station Plus

Here is a link to all the drivers



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Sorry I am not much help to you on what is the better, easier to use or lower cost SCADA packages that you would use to build a PC screen structure. I believe that there are some people on here that fall under the system integrator category of the business, but my plate has always been full just getting the PLC programs and data conversion bridges put together.

This falls under the Clint Eastwood quote "Man's got to know his limitations" and I have just never had the time or demand to learn the BAS side of the business :-)


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