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PLC accessible from Internet

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Hi to everyone,

For an OPLC to be accessible from the Internet, the local network it is connected to must have a static IP address. I believe there is a way to access an OPLC even within a network with dynamic IP, provided some further action steps are taken. Can anyone help us on this with detailed explanations how?

Thanking and awaiting for news!!


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One way is to use dynamic DNS. See providers like Dyn (www.dyn.com). When you sign up they will give you a web address that you need to put into your internet router. Each time the router gets a new IP address from the ISP it advises the dynamic DNS service. The router needs to have dynmaic DNS support, and you need to have access to the router to make these settings.

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You could also use a service like "no-ip.com" that offers a ip update client that runs on a pc that is always on in the background and updtes the current ip address to them.

This way you do not need a router that supports Dynamic IP updating.

This then enables you to use a domain name instead of an IP address to point to your current IP.


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