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Marking View (not text)


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I am working with a V1210 and am trying to use the most favorable color palette possible to give the best viewability in bright sunlight. Yes, I know the screen is not made for sunlight visibility, but I am using it that way anyway. I use a very limited color palette that gives the highest contrasts between text and numbers and the backgrounds thery are on. In this case I am setting the marking view of certain objects to instantly inform users what boxes are available for access or not by marking the boxes as greeen when editing/access is allowed and some other color (usually white or light grey) when a box is not edditable.

I use this same Idea for the V570 and the sunlight viewability of the V570 is just fine with the six colors available to a merking view, however the limited six color palette is not really very acceptable on either the V1040 or the V1210. I understand that the palette is limited due to the possible presence of buttons or other entry boxed with "pressed" and "unpressed" views. However, I went to flat for all of my variables expecting that if I did the entire color platte would become availabe to me (I should have just checked with a blank screenfirst, but sometimes I'm a little slow :-) ). The only green available in the six color choices is pretty poor in visibility no matter what color text I use where if it were avaialable in the very bright green I would be fine.

Any possibility the the color palette could be opened up for marking, disable, and focus color (with a limitation that there can be no pressed or unpressed objects on te screen). It would really be helpful.

Thank You


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