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How to change what string library is displayed?

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If i fill two string library's one with for example English the other with Spanish how can I define in the editor what library is displayed? It is hard for me to edit buttons, error messages etc if they are displayed in Spanish but there does not seem to be a way to change it at design time (at least not one I have figured out). Sure in the application it is selected quite easy but that does not help the programmer.

After editing the string library and putting the first string on the screen you find out which is used, this is not a good thing.

It would be OK if it was always the top one, or you could set a default.

Peter van Hoof

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I seem to have figured out the rules, but it is not practical for me.

Which String from the library is displayed seems determined by two rules

1 if one of the strings is longer that one is displayed

2 if there are 2 or more strings equally long the one with the highest library number is displayed

For my example with two languages selectable with a button (English and Spanish) this does not work out well.

Most of my button texts are longer in Spanish but that's not a language I speak!

It would be better to be able to chose what strings are displayed in the editor.

Peter van Hoof

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