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Send customer updated ladder code

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For a V1040:

I have to update the ladder code. ONLY the code. The plc is 1000 miles away and there is no way the customer can do it via any of the programming / transfer software. And they do NOT want to send the unit back to me.

Can this be done via the SD card ? If so , where are the Step-by-Step instructions for first getting the updated ladder code to the card and then for the customer to transfer it to the plc.

And also what about register values ? First for the customer to save the values to the SD card and send to me and then for me to update the values and send it back as some registers are configured by the customer for running data and I don't want to initialize them.

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Ok Here goes.

If you want to protect yourself from the customer having your intelectual property for free forever you need to get the serial number of the PLC from them so you can protect the PLC file from being downloaded to any other PLC than the one you want to update. If you don't care then you do not have to have it.

These are instructions with no password on the SD card but using a specific PLC ID number.

To put the File on the SD card:

1) Format SD card using SD card utility

2) Open up your revised program in Visilogic

3) click on "project" then "create project files" the tab that opens up first is the "clone" tab

4) If protecting yourself click on "visilogic +O/S" fill in the blanks

5) save the file onto the SD card into the "SYSTEM" folder create your file name (exactly 8 characters needed.....not 7 ....not 9)

6) If everything is good you are done and can send the SD card to your customer

On your customers side they will need to do the following:

1) Insert SD card into the slot at the inside topof the controller

2) The label should be facing you with you lookingat the back of the controller

3) Power up the panel

4) Touch your finger anywhere on the touch screentill you see the Info mode/calibration buttons

5) Touch the information mode button

6) Enter the pass code of 1111

7) Touch the SD button

8) Touch the full clone button

9) Press the upload to PLC button

10) Touch the file name you dignated when the file was created file button

11) Touch the select button

12) Window will pop up saying “start cloningprocess” “Do you want to continue”

13) Press yes

14) Everything else is on automatic operation

15) Power down the panel and remove SD card

You are done.

This process wil not initialize the PLC or reset any of their existing settings (or at least it never has for me is all I can really say)

Good luck


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