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Excel files from SD via eMail

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Hi @ all,

just a short question concerning sending out excel files, made by the program (e.g. "a.csv") and written to the sd-card, via email.

Are there any known issues by users around here or staff (Ofir ?) how knows about issues connected with it or something I have to keep an eye on?

reason is:

I write frequently to 2 data tables on the sd-card (one is every 15 mins, the other once a day after change of day) and sending out these data frequently (once a day).

It came to my attention, that the 2 files were send, but the files i receive in the email are not complete.

I followed on of the email-examples and some of your questions answered beforehand:

- one file attachement is refered to directly, the other one is refered to indirectly using MIs (it was a little bit tricky th find out what exactly had to be stored to get the file sent out correctly, but it's working now).

- before i send the email i open the socket 3, which is configured for email-sending and send the email, when there is no write action to SD, so that's not the problem

- also, the files I read out, when copying the files via SD-Card explorer are fine and complete, but when sent via email, rows 1 to approx. 15 are fine, the others only have nonsense in one of the fields till the end and the file sizes are different, too

So how could that be related? Is it the program or maybe the email-server who causes me trouble? May there be a problem that a specific time has to be defined for sending the email with attachements?

And another little question just for my understanding:

when the program writes to the data tables on the SD-Card, does it automatically do a "find empty row" for the next entry or how does it know which is the next empty row for the data to write?

Thanks in advance for infos and help.

I will also send the question to tech support, but maybe some of you have had this problem also and could solve it?

best regards


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Hi again,

no ideas from your side?

I now played a little with all this stuff (eMailing) and something suspicous showed up:

While sending the file from SD-Card, the SI66 changed from 0 to 1 (indicating "SD Card Read:End of File").

Also the file I received was only 10kb, another try only 2kb in size, but when confirming by looking at the SD-Card directly with SD-Card-Explorer, it shows me that the file size is 101kb??

I checked SI58 (email file attachment size) and adjusted from "1024" to "500" for testing purposes, but the result was the same.

Interesting thing also, aside from changing the value at SI58, everytime I resend the email, the attachment file has different sizes, even withour changing anything at SI58.

So, any good ideas for this ?



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Hi Emil,

thanks for the suggestions.

I was also in contact with support and when they tried to duplicate the problem, they hadn't any, so I was guessing and testing around.

Support also told me to check the OS version (mine is rather old it seems).

I tried increasing SI59, but the programm didn't accepted my entry, always stayed at 0 ... interesting though.

But now to what I found out:

I was connected to the PLC through VPN-Tunnel, cause the site is some distance away. I always tried to send the eMail, while still connected.

I found out that this circumstance messed everything up.

So I tried to trigger the sending with a delay of 2 minutes.

So: started the timer, loged out, closed VPN-Tunnel; 2 Minutes later I had a nice eMail with the attachements perfectly and complete, so that was the real problem.

As often, the biggest mistake in program: the user ! ;-)

So, just came back to tell everyone what could be a problem if they have one with similar issue.

Thanks to you, Emil and support,

so long,


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