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V200-19-ET1 for Vision230

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Hi, this is my first time using Unitronics OPLC so forgive me if the answer is trivial.

My current project requires an Ethernet port on the Vision230 and hence I bought the expansion module V200-19-ET1.

However, there seem to be some issues between the OPLC and the module

I was just wandering if there's a compatibility issue between the Vision230 and V200-19-ET1?

The OPLC model is V230-13-B20 and it currently uses a snap-in module V200-18-E1 (which works fine).

Thank you.

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How old is your V230? It seems quite old, as you have snap in E1, which was discontinued and replaced with E1B long time ago.

When first batches of V230 were issued - about 10 years ago, there was not yet Ethernet card. These first produced units have no second connector and this way, in level of hardware, don't support Ethernet card. Newer produced V230 (from about 8 years ago) already support V200-19-ET1.

If you're in doubts about your unit, please send its serial number to support@unitronics.com and I'll try to check in our records...

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I believe the OPLC was purchased on 2002, which makes it around 10 years old.

This is an ongoing final year engineering student project and the budget is low (only around $200 dollars per year), hence the outdated hardware.

Is there any other solutions other than purchasing a new OPLC?

May I ask why the documentation on the V200-19-ET1 seem to indicate that the module will work with all Vision230 PLC models?

I have also sent you the serial number for the OPLC.

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