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Jazz Modbus communications

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I have a Jazz OPLC which I want to use as a MODBUS master, to read from, and write to 3 inverters on an RS485 modbus network.

I have downloaded a U90 sample program from a thread on the foum, which has enabled MODBUS comms on the Jazz. It now reads a value from Node 2 on the network.

Now I cannot get U90 Ladder to re-connect to the Jazz. I know this is because you cannot have 2 comms paths into the Jazz, but how do I put code in there to re-enable RS232 comms?

What do I do?

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Please try first to stop the controller from Info mode > System.

Then - change the Modbus config command from 600 to 599. This will let you to communicate with U90Ladder even the port is configured as Modbus.

Of course - you have only one port. If you switch ot PCOM (Unitronics native protocol), then it will take about one minute to Jazz ot return to predefined Modbus settings.

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