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I'm taking over an project in which a start up bit is being accessed in a sub routine for a red lion display. It's writing a send protocol then connecting to an increment which is then outputting to a MI. Then that MI is not being used anywhere else in the program. Could this cause a watchdog error? The problem we are having is that V570 is showing a watchdog error, we are using two data tables and from what we can tell the tables and code are not the issue. The unit is not on site, and we are troubleshooting. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I can attach the code for anybody that would like to look at it.


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Yoy have an errors in your program. These errors in some conditions will lead to endless loops and then Watchdog.

Errors are in Read Table functions, in Linearization, and may be oter ones.

Please review and correct errors and then test program again.


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As far as frequency goes and watchdog numbers we are not sure as the unit is off site so we can get all the information we need. Right now the only response we got was that the screen right now says a watchdog error/fatal error.

I'll check over the table data and linearization functions. Thanks for getting back.

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