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Strange behaviour of FB COM Init

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Hello world,

I noticed a strange behaviour of COM Port Init FB on my V1040: If the modem cable is disconnected or the modem is switched off during the process of initialization, the initialization will never ends. Both system bits of that port (SB80/SB81 for COM1) are forever in 0, SI80 is in 1 (initialization in progress), SI81 is in 0 (no error). No mention about dead device on the port. (I expected timeout, i.e. the SI80==3, SI81==1, SB81==1).

VisiLogic 9.3.1, Vision 1040 HW rev. A, O/S 3.3(20), modem type CINTERION TC65i Terminal.

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Please update Operation System files from Menu "Hepl->Check For Updates->Operatin System".

* O/S 3.3(20) is a little bit outdated.

Finish, update System Files.

Download an empty project to OPLC.

At Visilogic open Menu "Connection->Communication & OS", then select 4th from left side folder and click on "Check".

* Use Com Port 1 for OPLC System Files update. Process update as required.

Init and reset OPLC.

Download your application to OPLC and test again. Does this corrected error?

New VisiLogic Ver. 9.4.0 is available for download.

I tested under this version (O/S 3.6(03)), and found that after timeout SI 83 = 3, SB 83 = 1 for both conditions you explained.

* I used Com 2 for tests.


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