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SD Card "Not" Present


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I have an SD card in my V130-33-RA22, and SB 217 ("SD Card Present") is showing 0 instead of 1.

This is my third SD card install, and first time I've had this error. First two SD card installs had no problems.

The SD Card is used for an Advanced Webserver. I compiled the SD card using the SD card suite and uploaded my three webpages (Entrance.htm, Start.htm, and BadPass.htm) into the Web folder on the SD card. When I couldn't pull up the webpage in my browser, I checked SB 217 and found that it was off, signalling that the V130 is not detecting the SD card. What do I do?


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I had this same issue, tried multiple cards, multiple PC's/Card Readers without much luck. I seem to recollect I finally got a card that would not work to work by formatting (in Windows) it to NTFS or FAT16 first, then going back and formatting it to FAT32 and the putting the file structure on it using the Unitronics utility. Give this a try and see if it works and post your results so we can see if this method works more than once...

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