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Malfunction regarding access to Alarmlist

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Is anybody aware of any unstability regarding the Alarmlist?

The access to the list (alarms in group) suddenly gets inaccessible. This seems to appears when there is som minor changes in the program (ladder or HMI, not the actual alarmlist).

After this malfunction, the alarmlist is not displayed uppon request.

The MIn showing active alarms, alarms for Ack and alarms for Rst is accumulating. The historian alarmlist is also ok :huh:

In order to get the alarmlist working, i have to erase and rebuild the list, often several times to get it working again.

Any appearing suggestions?

br gorm

HW: V570-57-T20 rev E

OS: 3.1 (05)

SW: 8.6.0 Build 0

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