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The countdown problem!!!

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Jazz is a problem with the countdown in the PLC model. Namely, the set value can be seen in the accompanying drawings: 23:59 'set up. Grekeli contact input arrival whether to start counting down began. I watched the beginning, wait. Remaining: 23:13 '23:12 after ten, but was 23:73. In an odd situation. Added a full 60 minutes. Then started counting upwards. After a while, began to count down again. "ANY" can also add hours and minutes, seconds him? (HH: MM: SS)




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Please create an empty program, which include only timer which have a problem and test it.

If in this short program problem arise again - send your project as is to support@unitronics.com.

*You do not need to make photos, you will make a screen capture in online mode of U90Ladder from computer.

If problem disappear - you need to review your program for errors in code. In this case your Local Distributor will assist you.

Following link is an International Distributors list:



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