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FB's PID Auto-Tune vs PID

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Using a V120-22 in the FB's I've both the blocks (PID Auto-Tune and PID) and inside this all the related sub-functionalities.

Using a V570 in the FB's I've ONLY PID Auto-Tune.

First of all why and wich is the difference?

After, but more important: if I want to use a V570 but I don't want to use the auto-tune procedure (I want to use only the normal pid configuration and then the PID-Run) how have I to proceed?

Thanks a lot.


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Both functional blocks are exactly the same! Same algorithm, same functions!

FB PID Autotune has, in addition to PID, the "module" Autotune", which is missing in FB PID.


Functional blocks take memory, dedicated for them. In standard Vision models - V120/230/260/280/290/530, this meory is 8 kbytes. FB PID Autotune takes more memory than the "lighter" FB PID (without the module Autotune). Having two FB gives the option to the user to manage better the memory, dedicated to FB.

In enhanced Vision models - V130/350/570, the memory, dedicated to FB is 4 times more. In practical level, it's more than enough to manage any project and I didn't heard someone to come to its limit. That's why there is no need ot hold two different FB PID. As Autotune is independent block, which can be or cannot be implemented in the program, there is no any reason, out of memory limit, to hold two different FB.

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