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Copy Paste Subroutine in VL 9.4.0 Build 0

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I am aware that I can export and import a subroutine.

In previous versions of VL, I was also able to build a generic subroutine and then , without leaving the editor, highlight the subroutine, press cntrl+c and then highlight the module and press cntrl+v. A new subroutine would appear with the same name as the copied subroutine with a "_01" after it. ( or something similar)





Then I could use the replace function to change the memory in the new subroutine.

Since my mouse has 2 buttons mapped to copy and paste this was a two click operation. And it was very quick and useful.

I noticed that there was no copy paste in the right click menu when a subroutine is highlighted, but the keyboard keys still worked.

Was this changed intentionally for the new version?

Is there a way to add this back in?

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