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Trends - Displaying a trend from SD

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My PLC is V350-35-T2

I have been having trouble displaying in my PLC a trend written to my SD card.

I am able to write the trend to the SD Card and view it in the SD Card Manager but I am not able to view it in my PLC.

I write the active Trend to a file called InnUt.utr

When I try to use the "Trend from SD" variable in another display, it displays nothing.

When the file "InnUt.utr" does:

-exists the "Trend load error bit" is "0"

-NOT exists the "Trend load error bit" is "1"

So I must have the filename and folder correct in my program.

Can anyone help me figure out how to display the the Trend in my PLC?

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I see what the problem is....

I was remotely programming and running the PLC.

When I viewed the SD Trend on my computer (via the "Online Test" and the "Remote Operator), SD display screen showed only a blank screen .

But when I went to the site and looked at the screen on the PLC it self I saw the values and lines of the SD Trend.

So my conclusion:

There must be some kind of bug in the "Online Test" and the "Remote Operator" when viewing the SD Trend.

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