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V130-33-R34 Analog Input

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I am setting up a V130 to control an oil system, which will use a flow meter with a 4-20 ma input and an ultrasonic sensor also with a 4-20 ma. I have set up AN0 up as a 4-20 ma analog input in the hardware configuration. When I connect my 4-20 signal to terminal #4 my mili amp meter shows 3.5 ma. no mater what I do. I have checked my device and it puts out the proper 4-20 range but as soon as I connect it I get 3 + ma.

I have taken the back off and checked the jumpers and they are all in the B position.

I have several PLC's running with an analog input and have never had any problems before. What am I missing?

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Just a geuss.

Is it possible that your flow meter 4-20ma input and your ultrasonic are self powered analog outputs? If they were self powered and you connected them like you see in the installation examples I would think that you will not get a complete signal.

If they are self powered then connect the negative of your two external devices to 0v and the positive of each of your devices to the AN0 and AN1 inputs and see what happens. If they are loop powered devices then the installation connections shown in the V130-33-R34 paperwork should work just fine and I don't know what to tell you. Can you post model numbers of the devices so we can see how they are constructed?


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Hello Mark,

I can't see a reference to what model V130 you are working with. If you post that, someone (possibly me, unless the phone goes nuts) can take a look at the jumper settings and wiring in detail and confirm point-by-point that all is correct.

All V130 have at least 2 analogue inputs (except the B1 version of course) - can you try another input to see if it is the same?

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