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I has to configure a Vision 120 PLC. The software was succesful installed by software.

It is not possible to read the text on the display, only if you hold the display in a defined angle.

Is it possible to change the contrast from the display? For my opinion it is only a contrast display.

It would be great, if anybody can help me in changing the contrast, I was not able to find anything about that point.

Thanks in advance



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hi Ofir,

thanks for your quich answer.

It is my first PLC which i has to configure. I has only the PLC, no cabinet or anything else. The connection is done by serial port and i use visilogic 9.3.0

can i made this changes directly at the display or has i to use the software, can you explain it for me a little bit?

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You can change it both using the software or directly from the unit.


Press on the <i> key for 4 seconds

Enter the default password 1111 --> Data Types --> System Integers --> change address --> change the value using the enter key


Using the software you can connect to the unit using the serial cable.

Then using the tool bar at the top, press on the blue glasses to enter online mode. (debug mode)

Now select operands tab at the bottom of the of the screen and select system integers.

Go to the mentioned address and by clicking on the blue value you will have a window that you can change its value.

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