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Hi i have a problem with a PID for temperature. The control have an error of 3 C and more: an the answer is to slow. we use a ramp but the controller do not follow it. The cv is to small and the system begin to cooling. We have been used many autotunning with a PID server but the problem is the same.

How i can solve this issue?

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Which model of contgroller you're using?

Can you try Autotune - on fixed Setpoint - recommended the higher one (end of Ramp) or 10% lower. I'll recommend using Autotune of the controller itself.

It's very useful to make logs with PID server. Then, you can post them for our review or send ot support@unitronics.com.

If you're using Vision controllers, I'll recommend ot add in Ladder the module "Read Contgrol components"- with coeficient 100. This will give you CVp, CVi and CVd, where CV = CVp + CVi + CVd.

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