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I am a brand new user of Unitronics' PLCs, and I have a brand new V350 on the bench, connected and communicating. I have identified the hardware through the Hardware Configuration window. I have places some sample objects on the "Start-up Display" window. I am trying to download the project to the PLC, and when I select "Download", the progress window opens, and then I get the following message:

(pop up window with the title "Erase Project From the PLC (373)" )

This PLC contains DLUs Backup in the FLASH Memory.

This Download will erase the DLUs Backup from the PLC.

If you continue this Download, you will not be able to Resture DLUs on Battery fail.

Do you want to continue?

The Unitronics has not had anything downloaded to it yet. I am connected via Serial port, and the cartoon assembly of the logo continues.

What is/are DLUs Backup? Is this important?

Thanks for any and all responses!

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Hi there!

I've another question about DLU backup. In "Info Mode" - "Flash Memory" is a button to backup the user application to Flash Memory. Is it possible to start backup over a System Bit (SB)?

Because when I "download and burn" a project over a TAPI-Modem-Connection and PLC goes to STOP-Mode the modem connection will be closed and the download is incomplete. Otherwise I can "download" project to PLC and then backup the user application with setting a SB.


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