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Jazz I/O flat cable connection


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We have developped and are assembling an installation equipped with a Jazz JZ10-11-T40 mini-PLC.

We will build this installation in serial production (200 installations per year). As we wil have the same PLC programm, we are looking for a flat cable solution in order to connect the Inputs and outputs to an custom build PCB.

On this PCB the 24VDC transformer, fuse-boxes, diodes, resistors, etc. are being mounted. From this PCB we continue to the Field componentents.

My question: Is there a flat cable solution available for the Jazz T40? The standard 4 12-pin connectors will be replaced with a connector that is fixed / connected to a 12 lead flatcable.

Or does the OEM supplier of the green connectors perhaps have a standard solution?

Thank you very much in advance for the answer.


Roland Kneepkens.

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